Carbon Footprint

Utility price concerns, on-going political uncertainties and commercial risks of fossil fuel supply underline the need to continue our drive to improve energy efficiency and reduce our reliance on primary fuels. We continue to adhere to the energy hierarchy; that is energy efficiency, reusing heat or energy and the application of renewable energy.

This issue is very much at the forefront of supply chain sustainability and is significant to our customers. Bridge of Weir Leather Company is accredited by FILK (Forschungsinstitut für Leder- und Kunstledertechnologie) to the ECO2L standard as an applicable measure of the corporate carbon footprint for automotive leather.

Converting waste into energy as well as using solely renewable wind derived electricity, has dramatically reduced the carbon intensity measured as carbon dioxide equivalent of our leather. The graph below shows the average carbon intensity of our leather per hide, reducing by calendar year.

BOW Carbon Footprint Diagram 

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